SAHN Taekwondo

GM Richard Hodder, GM Dr He-Young Kimm,
GM Sean Cavins

Summit County, Leadville, Carbondale & Aspen


The Chinese believe where the mountains meet the sea is a place of high energy.
I live in the mountains, a few hundred yards from the shores of Dillon lake,

25 miles in circumference.  It is a beautiful, high energy place.

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Grandmaster Sean Cavins - 9th Dan 
Grandmaster Cavins and his wife Mary own and operate Sahn Taekwondo in Summit County Colorado, where they are passing their love and passion of the Martial Arts to the mountain communities. 

A Personal Message from Grandmaster Cavins:
      People will always remember kindness, honesty and going that extra step; whatever that may be.  You may never know who an action may indirectly effect.  One small act of kindness could have far reaching effects.  I believe we influence the lives of others with every action or inaction - we must make everything count.  We must do our best to never miss an opportunity to assist.
     Every day is a New Opportunity.  We are the sum total of all people who influence our lives and all our life experiences.  We must strive to make our every action count. Take your time, be patient and enjoy the journey.      
     I am a very fortunate man. As I watch the sun set over the Rocky Mountains, I look forward to another day of Taekwondo and all the joy it brings.
                                                                                              My best wishes of Health & Happiness,
                                                                                              Love & Peace - Respectfully,
                                                                                              Sean Patrick Cavins 


9th Dan US Korean Martial Arts Federation #T 9003   September 2022

8th Dan US Korean Martial Arts Federation #T 8003   September 2013
7th Dan US Korean Martial Arts Federation #T 7004   September 2009
7th Dan Kukkiwon #5033015                                      March 2007

1st Dan Hapkido #H-11699                                         March 2018
1st Dan International TKD Federation #A-1-1696         October 1975
U.S. Korean Grandmasters Society - April 2015
USA Taekwondo Inc.Club #2450 1987 - present
USA Taekwondo Inc. Member since1986
Summit Foundation - Youth Mentor of the Year November 21, 2008
Official Delegate for 2000 Sydney Olympics September 2000
Colorado State Taekwondo Assoc. Sr. Vice President 2001 - 2003
Colorado State Taekwondo Assoc. President 1998 - 2000
Colorado State Taekwondo Assoc. Sec. General 1996 - 1998
Colorado State Taekwondo Assoc. DoJang Committee Chair 1995   

Began Taekwondo training with the ITF in April 1968.

Grandmaster Cavins prior to moving to Summit County opened Cavins Dojang with his wife Mary, in Denver in 1986.  His Instructors included Grandmaster Chuck Seriff,  Master Larry McGill and Master Ra Young Chul.  He also trained many state and international competitors including the Martinez Brothers who opened Martinez Taekwondo when Cavins moved to Summit County.
Grandmaster Cavins also trains with Grandmaster West of U.S.K.M.A.F. bi-annually in Jackson, MS.  Where he has had the opportunity to work with many Masters in Hapkido and various other Martial Arts.  Grandmaster West's guidance and instruction is an invaluable asset in Grandmaster Cavins growth as a Martial Artist.

Grandmaster Cavins traveled to Korea and China in 1999 with Dr. He Young Kimm:
     "What an extraordinary man. You could feel his energy.  Dr. Kimm is very humble and soft spoken, but make no mistake when he steps onto the mat he's a tiger!  Dr. Kimm has made a profound impression on me and I saw the same feelings in the eyes of others.  Dr. Kimm says there must be balance between the sword and the pen.  He is a prime example of his own words.  Dr. Kimm leads by example, like all great leaders do.  When we were in Korea and China, Dr. Kimm participated in all the exercises we performed.  All took serious notice of his actions.
      We were training at a very beautiful place.  At the end of training the Monks took us to a set of winding stairs that went from the top of the temple to the living quarters.  There were 100 stairs of stone, some thick, some thin and all uneven. The stairs were winding and at a steep pitch. We went down the stairs head first in push-up position, one slip and you take everyone out in front of you. We completed this exercise - while catching our breath we looked up the stairs and there is Dr. Kimm head first, push-up position descending the stairs after us.  My whole being was filled with admiration. Tears welled in my eyes. This is the type of leader I am inspired to be. I was so proud to be with Dr. Kimm.  Oh, by the way, we bunny hopped back up the stairs, Dr. Kimm led the way. (Just a note, the Monks do that seven times a day - before breakfast.)
          This was but one of the ways Dr. Kimm showed his leadership.  In these very troubled times people look for individuals with excellent leadership skills.   Martial Art Instructors are some of these people.  We are ambassadors and role models.  We are here to serve where and when we can.  We can directly and indirectly influence people and situations by showing strong leadership skills day in and day out."
                                                                                                                                Grandmaster Cavins